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How To Kill And Get Rid Of Fire Ants

Monday, July 8, 2013

How To Identify Black Widow Spider Bites

Above Are What Black Widow Spider Bites Will Look Like On You

It's very important to identify if you've been bitten by a Black Widow Spider but don't panic. Its very important to capture or kill and keep the spider if you can and take it with you to the emergency room. Cap a container you have a lid for over the spider and once the spider is in the container put the lid on tightly and take the spider with you to the emergency room. If you swat and kill it take it with you anyway. They can look at it and determine if it is a black widow spider.

Southern Black Widow female spiders will have a orange hour glass shape on the abdomen of the spider. And the rest of the spider will be all black.

Northern Black Widow Spiders will have several red spots in a row on the belly. In the photo below is a photo of the Northern Black Widow Spider

image hosted by

Below is a photo of a Southern Black Widow Spider

image hosted by

If you live where these spiders occur you should learn to identify these spiders as should everyone in your household. The places where you are likely to encounter Black Widow Spiders include.

1. Your outdoor mail box.

2. Your wood pile or around old wood or lumber that has been laying there a while.

3. Around rock walls.

4. In your basement.

5. In your attic.

Look for low tangled webs and if they are there the Black Widow Spider may be also. Wear long sleeves and gloves when you work in these areas.

If you or someone near you gets bitten by a Black Widow spider bite apply a ice pack to the area of the spider bite and seek medical help at once at your nearest emergency room. Don't delay getting medical assistance. Go at once and tell the medical personel you think a Black Widow Spider bite may have occured.

Above is a spider bite chart that can give you some much needed information about spider bites.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spiders Will Soon Be Waking Up

It won't be long until spiders are up and moving around. I hope you know that almost anywhere in America you are never over eight feet from a spider. Right now as you are reading this there is a spider some where right near you.

Spiders will soon be moving and as the weather warms up you need to wash all the curtains in your house and clean any cracks or crevices to keep spiders out of your house. You may not want spiders in your house but they are perfectly fine in the yard and garden. Spiders eat huge amounts of insects and its really great if you can encourage spiders to hang out and build their webs in your garden.

Black Widow Female

Above is a large Black Widow Female Spider. If you see one in the spring or early summer knock them down and their nest down and the spider will move on. If the spider is in a crevice or on a wall wash the entire area down with a good strong soapy solution. The soapy solution will also encourage the spiders to move along.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How To Get Spiders Out Of Your House

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Common North American Writing Spider

So you have a spider problem! The phobia of spiders and having spiders in a persons house is one of the greatest fears in the world. Getting spiders out of the house is therefore one of the number one priorities to many people. Its good to keep in mind that the vast majority of all the spiders in the world are harmless to humans. But most humans still want the spiders to stay outside where they belong. Their are a number of ways to get spiders and in this post we will explore those options.

1. Clean your house. Spiders like clutter and they particularly love cardboard. Don't leave anything laying around on the floors or under beds or other furniture. If you need to use storage boxes use plastic storage boxes with tightly fitting lids. Spiders like dirty clothes as the perfect hiding place so buy large plastic containers again with tight fitting lids to keep your dirty clothes in.

2. Deny the spiders water as much as possible. If you have any drips in the house get rid of the dripping faucets by installing new washers or if needed new faucets.

3. You will want to clear all the vegetation from around your house. Any where there is vegetation where a spider could hide remove it. And be sure to take caulk and seal any cracks where a spider could possibly get into your house. If you have a crawl space door that goes under your house you want to make sure that your door fits tight and if it doesn't fix it so that it does.

4. Keep your trash in cans with tight fitting lids and keep it away from your house. Spiders will lay in wait at your trash waiting for bugs that come to the trash.

5. Twice a year use a pressure washer and wash down the exterior of your house. Use soapy water and wash the exterior of the house completely. Be sure to get every nook and cranny and you will have a lot fewer spiders. Soapy water will get rid of any spiders, spider eggs, and spider nests.

6. Sprinkle baking soda in crawl spaces and behind items in your basement or storage room. Spiders can not stand baking soda. Once they ever crawl into baking soda they never will again.

7. Spiders can not stand citrus, orange oil, eucalyptus leaves, or penny-royal sprinkled on a scrap of cloth.

If you will do those things you will have a lot fewer spiders and if you keep it up in time you will be spider free.

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Have You Ever Wondered Why The Black Widow Spider Is Called The Black Widow Spider

Notice The Difference Between The Male And Female Black Widow Spider. Quite Often After Mating The Female Eats The Male. The Female Black Widow Spider Is The Larger Spider In The Photo.
Do you know why the Black Widow Spider is called the Black Widow Spider. It is because she has the nasty habit of eating the male black widow spider after she mates with him. She then goes on to spin a egg sac and fill it with 700 - 900 eggs most of which will hatch into baby black widow spiders and quite often she will even make a meal out of part of her baby black widow spiders.

Black Widow Spiders are considered to be some of the worlds most poisonous spiders and the bite of the female black widow spider can kill a human though it is usually the very young or the very old that this spider does kill. And in spite of only weighing an average of one gram the Black Widow Spider builds one of the largest webs of almost any spider. Once the female black widow spider has built her nest and mated with a male black widow spider she will spin an egg sac and hang it up in the corner of her nest and guard it. She will even attack a human who to closely approaches her egg sac. The egg sac usually contains 700 - 900 eggs and only a few baby spiders will make it to adults. The female black widow spider will eat part of her babies and birds will consume a large number of the baby black widow spiders. The Baby Black Widow Spiders will take 20 days to hatch from the egg sac and will be almost white in color when they are born with a brown hour glass pattern on their bellies. It takes about four months for the female baby black widow spiders to look like their mothers.

The Black Widow Spider is usually found in dark places like garages, sheds, and crawl spaces and around wood piles. If you know their are black widow spiders in the area use care in dark places and when you are carrying in firewood or moving firewood.

Did you know that the Black Widow Spider is the favorite prey of the praying mantis. And there are some birds that will eat the spiders though they will give some birds upset stomachs.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Hobo Spider

Hobo Spider Along The Wall
The Hobo Spider is one of many spiders that have made their home in the Pacific Northwest. The Spider is native to western Europe and it showed up in the Seattle Washington area in the late 1930's. It is one of three species of spider that can potentially kill you. And it can cause tissue death in the area of the bite.

It is believed that the Hobo Spider has been spread through out the Pacific North West through the use of railroads that run through the area. The Hobo Spider is one of the few spider species in the United States that can cause serious medical problems if it bites you. The venom is strong enough that it can cause tissue death and infections around the area of the spider bite. Wood piles, yard waste, and home foundations are the favorite places of the Hobo Spider. When the Hobo Spider is found in the house it has quite often come into the house looking for prey. If you have seen hobo spiders in your house be sure to shake out all clothing, shoes, and socks before you put them on.If they are in your home they are in your yard so wear long sleeve shirts tucked into gloves when you are working with your firewood or carrying firewood into your house.

Remember if you are in doubt if it is a Hobo Spider you are seeing that if you see spots on the spider it is not a Hobo Spider. You will usually see funnel shaped webs where there are Hobo Spiders. If you have Hobo Spiders showing up in your home the best thing to do is call a professional exterminator.

Black Widow Spider Photos And More Black Widow Spider Information

Black Widow Spider Female In Her Web

Black Widow Spider Close Up Photo
If your bitten by a Black Widow Spider you should wash the bite area and the bite site with warm soap and water as soon as possible. Collect the spider if you can in a tightly closed jar so it can not escape and take it to the emergency room with you. The really great thing is that the bite of the Black Widow is only fatal about 1 percent of the time. And it is not rare for the Black Widow Spider to bite and not deliver any venom at all but never take a chance. If you receive a suspected Black Widow Spider bite go to the emergency room of your nearest hospital as soon as you can get there.