Monday, July 8, 2013

How To Identify Black Widow Spider Bites

Above Are What Black Widow Spider Bites Will Look Like On You

It's very important to identify if you've been bitten by a Black Widow Spider but don't panic. Its very important to capture or kill and keep the spider if you can and take it with you to the emergency room. Cap a container you have a lid for over the spider and once the spider is in the container put the lid on tightly and take the spider with you to the emergency room. If you swat and kill it take it with you anyway. They can look at it and determine if it is a black widow spider.

Southern Black Widow female spiders will have a orange hour glass shape on the abdomen of the spider. And the rest of the spider will be all black.

Northern Black Widow Spiders will have several red spots in a row on the belly. In the photo below is a photo of the Northern Black Widow Spider

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Below is a photo of a Southern Black Widow Spider

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If you live where these spiders occur you should learn to identify these spiders as should everyone in your household. The places where you are likely to encounter Black Widow Spiders include.

1. Your outdoor mail box.

2. Your wood pile or around old wood or lumber that has been laying there a while.

3. Around rock walls.

4. In your basement.

5. In your attic.

Look for low tangled webs and if they are there the Black Widow Spider may be also. Wear long sleeves and gloves when you work in these areas.

If you or someone near you gets bitten by a Black Widow spider bite apply a ice pack to the area of the spider bite and seek medical help at once at your nearest emergency room. Don't delay getting medical assistance. Go at once and tell the medical personel you think a Black Widow Spider bite may have occured.

Above is a spider bite chart that can give you some much needed information about spider bites.