Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spiders Will Soon Be Waking Up

It won't be long until spiders are up and moving around. I hope you know that almost anywhere in America you are never over eight feet from a spider. Right now as you are reading this there is a spider some where right near you.

Spiders will soon be moving and as the weather warms up you need to wash all the curtains in your house and clean any cracks or crevices to keep spiders out of your house. You may not want spiders in your house but they are perfectly fine in the yard and garden. Spiders eat huge amounts of insects and its really great if you can encourage spiders to hang out and build their webs in your garden.

Black Widow Female

Above is a large Black Widow Female Spider. If you see one in the spring or early summer knock them down and their nest down and the spider will move on. If the spider is in a crevice or on a wall wash the entire area down with a good strong soapy solution. The soapy solution will also encourage the spiders to move along.