Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Have You Ever Wondered Why The Black Widow Spider Is Called The Black Widow Spider

Notice The Difference Between The Male And Female Black Widow Spider. Quite Often After Mating The Female Eats The Male. The Female Black Widow Spider Is The Larger Spider In The Photo.
Do you know why the Black Widow Spider is called the Black Widow Spider. It is because she has the nasty habit of eating the male black widow spider after she mates with him. She then goes on to spin a egg sac and fill it with 700 - 900 eggs most of which will hatch into baby black widow spiders and quite often she will even make a meal out of part of her baby black widow spiders.

Black Widow Spiders are considered to be some of the worlds most poisonous spiders and the bite of the female black widow spider can kill a human though it is usually the very young or the very old that this spider does kill. And in spite of only weighing an average of one gram the Black Widow Spider builds one of the largest webs of almost any spider. Once the female black widow spider has built her nest and mated with a male black widow spider she will spin an egg sac and hang it up in the corner of her nest and guard it. She will even attack a human who to closely approaches her egg sac. The egg sac usually contains 700 - 900 eggs and only a few baby spiders will make it to adults. The female black widow spider will eat part of her babies and birds will consume a large number of the baby black widow spiders. The Baby Black Widow Spiders will take 20 days to hatch from the egg sac and will be almost white in color when they are born with a brown hour glass pattern on their bellies. It takes about four months for the female baby black widow spiders to look like their mothers.

The Black Widow Spider is usually found in dark places like garages, sheds, and crawl spaces and around wood piles. If you know their are black widow spiders in the area use care in dark places and when you are carrying in firewood or moving firewood.

Did you know that the Black Widow Spider is the favorite prey of the praying mantis. And there are some birds that will eat the spiders though they will give some birds upset stomachs.