Friday, August 19, 2011

The Hobo Spider

Here is a photo of a Hobo Spider.
The Hobo Spider lives in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and it is one of the three spiders in the United States that can kill you. The Hobo Spider is a funnel web spider and this makes its nest very easy to identify outdoors though indoors it is often mixed up with the more common House Spider. As a funnel web spider this spider builds a funnel shaped web and it waits at the bottom of the web to take its prey when it falls into its web.

The Hobo Spider is not a aggressive spider and bites from it occur when the spider is mashed. If your in a area where the Hobo Spider occurs you should shake out your clothing including your shoes and socks before you put them on. People in the Pacific Northwest are often bitten by this spider when they put on coats that have been stored over the summer. So be sure that you shake out your coat also. Don't find out to late that the bite of a Hobo Spider can be very painful and tissue death can occur where you are bitten by a Hobo Spider.