Friday, August 19, 2011

The Hobo Spider

The Hobo Spider belongs to the type of spiders known as Funnel Web Spiders. One of the worst of the funnel web spiders is the Australian Funnel Web Spider. Hobo Spiders build their funnel shaped webs outdoors near human habitation and this is where the problem is.

Here is a female Hobo Spider. The Hobo Spider builds funnel shape webs and they wait at the bottom of the webs for their insect prey to fall into the webs.

Hobo Spiders usually bite people when the spider comes indoors or gets picked up with firewood and carried into the house. If you live where Hobo Spiders occur you need to be sure to shake out all your clothing including socks and shoes. If you accidentally crush or squeeze a Hobo Spider it may very well bite you and the bite of a Hobo Spider can  kill you. It can also cause tissue death in the area where it bites you. 

The Hobo Spider was not originally native to the United States. The spider was first accidentally introduced to the Pacific Northwest from Western Europe in the 1930's. Two other similar spiders also live in the same area as the Hobo Spider. They are the Giant House Spider and the barn funnel weaving spider. Both of these spiders were also introduced to the area from western Europe.

Here is a photo of the Giant House Spider. The bite of the Giant House Spider is not dangerous to Humans or Pets.