Friday, August 19, 2011

Spider Information For Everyone

Here is a Black Widow Spider. A bite from a Black Widow Spider can kill you. If you are bitten by a Black Widow Spider seek medical attention as soon as possible. Notice the distinct Hour Glass Shape on the above Black Widow Spider.

There are three spiders native to the USA that can kill you. They are the Black Widow Spider, the Hobo Spider, and the Brown Recluse Spider. And there are other types of spiders like the Wolf Spider, Black House Spider, and the Mouse Spider that can deliver painful bites to you. If your bitten by a spider and you start itching and the area where you received the bite starts swelling seek medical attention as soon as possible as you may be having an allergic reaction to the spider bite.

In the United States their are three distinct species of the Black Widow Spider. They are the Southern Black Widow, the Western Black Widow Spider, and the Northern Black Widow Spider. All three are poisonous and could kill you. In the southern United States the Black Widow Spider often likes to hide in mail boxes as this makes a great home for them. So look in your rural mailbox before you reach into it.Black Widow Spiders often make their homes in your wood pile so be sure to pick up or move your wood only with long sleeves and gloves on. If you have black widow spiders outdoors you can easily get rid of them by spraying them with a strong soapy solution.

Notice at the very back of the rural mail box in the photo there. That is a Black Widow Spider there in the back of the mail box.