Saturday, August 20, 2011

How Do You Get Rid Of Hobo Spiders

This is a sticky spider trap from a home in Idaho. If you use these sticky spider traps you may be shocked at how many spiders you catch.
Hobo Spiders are also known in some areas as aggressive house spiders. The best way to eliminate these spiders is to eliminate their food source. If you live in an area where their is a high concentration of Hobo Spiders I would suggest pressure washing the outside of your home with a strong soapy solution every year just before you know the weather is going to turn colder. You can put the sticky spider traps down that trap spiders in outdoor utility rooms, in crawl spaces and in attics. Remember to check them and if you have caught a lot of spiders repeat with fresh sticky spider traps. If you find your home is full of spiders you may want to contact a professional pest exterminator.

It is amazing that the Hobo Spider has not spread to more of the United States than the Pacific Northwest. They have been found in other areas of the United States but this was probably people accidentally moving the Hobo Spiders in packing boxes. Be warned that the Hobo Spider loves cardboard. They love firewood piles and will invest them. Use gloves with long sleeves tucked into the gloves to shake firewood off. You can spray your firewood often with a strong soapy solution to get rid of Hobo Spiders.