Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Black Widow Spiders

Just Hatched Baby Black Widow Spiders
Baby Black Widow Spiders In Nest

Female Black Widow Spiders have up to 750 baby black widow spiders born from a single egg sac. The female black widow spider builds her nest and hangs her egg sac up in a corner of the nest and guards it. Quite often she consumes some of the babies before they leave the nest. If you look at the bottom side of baby black widow spiders you will see a brown hour glass shape on the bottom of each baby black widow spider.
Just Hatched Baby Black Widow Spiders
A lot of the Baby Black Widow Spiders are eaten by the mother Black Widow Spider and a few will be eaten by birds but a few of the baby black widow spiders will survive. It is not unusual to find a black widow nest with hundreds of baby black widow spiders hanging in it and crawling around. The large female black widow spider will be quite aggressive at this time.

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